Pandemic Space Combat
Is the first of 3 Pandemic Multiverse games and a space-based role-playing game with multiplayer game features based on player ownership (NFT) using Enjin Jumpnet as the main blockchain. This ensures that each player has control over their own asset inventory as NFT and can manage it as they want.
Besides the different game modes that can be played in the weekly ranking, the crafting of ingame items as NFT, the solar mining as well as the exploration of new solar systems are an important part of the game.
In addition, there are the various Arcade Mini Games that reward you with JENJ and KLV after each round, depending on your ranking, which makes it never boring in Pandemic Space Combat!
The story
The battle for the earth was lost! But the fight goes on! Now the human species strikes back and fights for the prerogative in space. Defeat the Taroks in exciting space battles, conquer alien planets and collect important resources for the further expansion of your stations and space fleet
Your character and your space fleet can be the success for the human species! Are you the right pilot for it? You can prove it and compete against the other players!
Current status: Open beta as a multi blockchain game. More content will follow with the next updates!